A Solid Company Steel Parts Manufacturing Inc. has a heritage dating back to the late 1940’s. Today, Steel Parts Manufacturing Inc.’s operations are centered out of Tipton, Indiana, which includes the latest in manufacturing design and technology.
Proven Products Learn about the unique competitive advantages of Steel Parts various manufacturing process solutions including clutch and pressure plates, transmission components and more.
Customized Services Proven customer product improvements – Part Redesign, Material Changes, and Process Changes
Flexible Manfacturing Processes Steel Parts Manufacturing offers flexible and diverse manufacturing processes for all types of metal stampings.
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Maximum Precision and Maximum Quality

International Leader

Steel Parts Manufacturing, Inc. was founded more than 60 years ago and our philosophy and mission has never changed: to supply our customers with precision products on time, with exceptional quality and value.

Over the years, we have grown into an internationally recognized OEM/Tier 1 supplier specializing in precision metal stampings for the automotive, powertrain and motion technology industries. We are an industry leader in the production of close tolerance stampings and fineblanking components, produced by a highly-skilled team of professionals at our facility in Tipton, Indiana.

Our factory is designed as a lean, integrated manufacturing operation with the latest technologies; enabling us to maximize efficiencies in material flow and production processing while adhering to our rigid quality standards.

Product Families

Precision Fineblanking and Metal Stampings

  • Transmission clutch plates — apply plates, reaction plates, backing plates, separator plates and pressure plates
  • Shims and other flat components
  • Fineblank components
  • Specialty stampings – wave plates, single and double flanged inner and outer bushings sleeves, wrapped metals and stampled splines


185,000 square feet of floor space, as a lean, integrated manufacturing operation

Approximately 30 state-of-the-art presses, ranging from 5 tons to 800 tons

Services include fineblanking, metal stamping, welding, deburring, roll flattening / mechanical flattening, heat setting / thermal flattening, and machining

Internationally recognized OEM/Tier 1 supplier

Specializing in components for the automotive, powertrain and motion technology industries

Industry leader in production of parts for automatic transmissions, engine mounts, suspension systems

ISO/TS16949 certifications