Steel Parts Competitive Products

The Steel Parts Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is the technical expertise and strong work ethic of our employees. These characteristics combined with our process flexibility allow us the ability to recommend the most cost effective solutions. Our tooling expertise includes sophisticated multi station transfer and progressive dies which allows us to minimize the number of stations while maximizing material utilization.


Product Categories

Steel Parts Manufacturing Inc. is an industry leader in production of parts for automatic transmissions, engine mounts, suspension systems. Our extensive original equipment product line includes:

transmission clutch plates, apply plates, reaction plates, backing plates, seperator plates, shims, steering yokes, wave plates, single and double flanged inner and outer bushings sleeves, wrapped metals, stamped splines, formed and machined parts, inner bushings, outer bushing, general stampings, assemblies, fineblank and other complex components.

Steel Reaction Plate
Torque Converter Component
Steel Parts Component
Steel Parts Hub
Fomoco Part
Transmission Band Component
Steel Parts Shaped Component
Steel Parts Rounded Component
Steel Parts C Clip
Steel Parts Black Clip
Copper Coin Component
Long Clip Component

Stamping Processes

Conventional stamping w/thermal flattening, deburr and rust protection.

May also include post press mechanical or thermal flattening, deburr and rust protection.

Conventional stamping w/ mechanical flattening, deburr and rust protection.

Conventional stamping, deburr and rust protection.

Stamping Processes Chart

Automatic Transmission Components

- Clutch Plates
- Pressure Plates
- Timing Wheels
- Spacers
- Speed Sensors
- Shims
- Park Lever Assembly
- Valve body separator plates
- Piston Case
- Torque Converter Lock-Up Clutch Plates

Stamping Processes Chart