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International Steel Stamping Leader

Location: Tipton, Indiana USA

To better serve the needs of our customers, we have designed a lean, integrated manufacturing facility that maximizes efficient process flow guided by rigid quality standards. We have the capability to combine conventional stamping or fineblanking with complete process flexibility, including e-coat, heat treatment and deburring.

  • 185,000 square feet of floor space, as a lean, integrated manufacturing operation
  • Approximately 30 state-of-the-art presses, ranging from 5 tons to 800 tons
  • Internationally recognized OEM/Tier 1 supplier
  • ISO/IATF certifications

Manufacturing Processes

Steel Stamping & Fineblanking Icon

Stamp & Fineblank

5-800 ton presses for small & medium sizes with transfer and progressive die capabilities.
Welding Icon


Projection and resisting welding. These processes can be performed manually or robotically.
Mechanical Fastening Icon

Mechanical Fastening

Riveting, toggle or Tox Lock and automated bolt staking.
Deburring-Finishing Icon


A variety of surface finishes from sand, vibe, belt sand and brush or coin deburr processes.
General Assembly Icon

General Assembly

Including (but not limited to) the application of sealants, bonding agents or general hand assembly.
Machining Icon

Precision Machining

Grinding, tapping, etc.

Approved Sub Supplier Services

Steel Parts Torque Converter Print


Solid modeling

We can design your products or tools using solid models, simplifying the review and approval process.

Finite element analysis (FEA)

Allows us to use computer simulations to identify potential product design and manufacturing issues prior to production.

Rapid and functional prototypes

We can utilize our in-house capabilities and resources, or manage one of our qualified prototype supplier partners to deliver functional prototypes in minimal time.

CAD support

We have the capability to work with all major CAD Software applications, such as CATIA, IDEAS and UG; or we can translate your native data to IGES for universal file sharing.

Product design

With customer provided requirements, we can manage the product design and drawing release of our customers’ components.

Tool design

We use solid modeling to design all tools and fixtures, simplifying the customer design review and approval process.

Product Testing

We have SAE #2 Mechanical testing capabilities.

Program management

We are a full service supplier offering full program management support, including, but not limited to – design reviews, project timelines, milestone reporting and support of all customer VA/VE reviews.