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To supply our customers with precision products on time, with exceptional quality and value, allowing us to grow our business in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Steel Parts Manufacturing Inc. has a heritage dating back to the late 1940’s. Today, Steel Parts Manufacturing Inc.’s operations are centered out of  Tipton, Indiana, which includes 185,000 square feet of floor space and the latest in manufacturing design and technology. At our production facility we utilize more than 29 presses, ranging from 5 tons to 800 tons. Our services include fine blanking, metal finishing, de-burring, roll flattening, heat setting and machining. And our location, in the heart of the country’s automotive belt, enables us to take advantage of highly-competitive and logistically-sound local support ”partners” who extend our capabilities to handle painting, plating and engineered coatings.

OEM Quality Awards

Steel Parts - Ford Q1 Award

Ford Q1 Supplier

Status maintained since 2015
Steel Parts GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2016

2016 GM Quality

Supplier Quality Excellence Award
Steel Parts GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2015

2015 GM Quality

Supplier Quality Excellence Award
Steel Parts GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2014

2014 GM Quality

Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Quality Certifications

Steel Parts Manufacturing Inc. is committed to delivering world-class products to a global marketplace. All programs have a dedicated program management team to ensure flawless launches on all new products. We encourage all of our employees to be involved in our quality system from continuous improvement of processes and products to operating systems, product launches and statistical process control.


Steel Parts Hub

Environmental Policy

Steel Parts Manufacturing is committed to protecting the environment by:

- Continuous Improvement and the Prevention of Pollution by reducing the environmental impacts associated with our work, product and services.

- Establishing and reviewing Environmental Objectives and Targets.

- Complying with applicable Environmental Regulations and Legislation.

- Complying with the Environmental Policies of our customers.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Steel Parts Manufacturing strives to manufacture a quality product with delivery on- time and to satisfy all applicable requirements.  To accomplish this, the company is dedicated to:

- Compliance with safety, legal and customer requirements.

- Customer satisfaction for all markets.

- Employee involvement in the continual improvement of products, processes, services and operating systems.

With ELIMINATION OF WASTE as one of our primary responsibilities, our goal is a never-ending quest for improvement in all facets of our business.

Quality Policy

Safety Policy

Steel Parts Manufacturing works hard to provide a safe work environment.

- The company is committed to provide a safe, healthy and accident free workplace. Adequate resources will be provided to comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations. All employees will work together to observe safety rules, follow safety training and instruction and wear needed personal protective equipment (PPE).